Choosing/installing the best floorcoverings in hoppers crossing, caroline springs and derrimut

At the heart of any business dealing are the key intentions of both parties and the capabilities of the parties to put into effect those intentions.


To buy a floorcovering whose characteristics regarding, price, suitability for its use and colour that appeals to them the most, and is the very best possible outcome for their home. In pursuit of this goal the consumer or builder embarks on a journey to numerous retailers selling the client's wanted products and services.

The one subject that stresses most consumers during the buying process, is the choice of colour and style of their new floorcovering and its suitability for the job application. The right choice here is vital for the success of the project. If the right choice is made here it will bring about a daily experience of satisfaction in their life whilst they are living in their home.

In the buying process they usually look for assistance from the store's retail staff. Unless the sales staff have shown and made great efforts during their life in mastering the art or science of colour combination, they, with all the good will in the world, can offer very little assistance to the consumer. Sales staff are trained to focus on selling, which is where the money is for the boss, and not on interior colour design.


We have solved the above problems and only someone with a trade background and a keen interest in interior colour design will service the client's enquies. Rather than talk about it let me provide you with four facts: In our carpet section we have a drop down menu with the item "home interior design". It was written by the manager of Concord Floors. Upon reading this section most people's knowledge is uplifted, and very few would question the fact that the manager hasn't shown a keen interest over the years to become an expert in this subject. please click on HOME INTERIOR DESIGN

The second factor that stresses out the floorcoverings buyer is not having the certainity that it will be laid in a tradesmanlike manner when it is laid. That we are hands-on experienced tradesmen in carpet laying and floorboard laying see our sections on both. Please click on CARPET INSTALLATION and INSTALLING LAMINATE FLOORING. Both sections were written by the manager of Concord Floors. Here again is the evidence and proof that we are expert tradesmen in installing the products that we sell.

Another factor that stresses clients is their fear that they can't assess the qualities of the different materials that they are contemplating to buy and can they trust the knowledge of the person serving them? Again the manager of Concord Floors wrote our web sections on carpet and laminate flooring. Upon reading these sections you can easily assess our knowledge of materials qualities and whether you can trust us or not. Please click on CARPET and LAMINATE FLOORING

We draw on this valuable technical knowledge, when it comes to answering client's questions and queries on color and materials installation and suitability of materials for the job application.

But one principle that is to us king: we listen to the client and do what they ask of us. It is their home and they are the king and boss and have the last say.

If they already know what they want we simply show them the samples and allow them to instruct us as to the colour and material. That makes life very easy for us.


Concord Floors' mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations when it comes to honesty, delivery, transparency and support given to our clients.

We strive constantly to give our clients an experience of ease of dealing with us with no problems and no hassles. And we like to adhere to supplying current, proven and tested products.


builders are functioning in a fiercely competetive environment. They need to deliver value for money. This they can only do if they can buy the materials at the cheapest posssible price and the standard of their construction work is of the highest possible standard for the given contract price of the building under construction.

We provide the builder with a range of products, carpets and laminates etcetra, called the builders range, that have a price that is the lowest in the marketplace. This assures the builder a competetive edge. Secondly, we offer to the builder, an option of a free interior decorating service to his clients. We strive to achieve a beautiful, balanced and harmonious colour scheme.This ensures that the home will be a free outstanding advertising material for the builder in the future after handover (see our section on home interior design) Please click on HOME INTERIOR DESIGN.

This may result in refferals business orders for the builder.