In Altona, Concord Floors trades in vinyl flooring, carpet, laminate and timber flooring

showing a dining room where the floor has being sanded and laquered. The timber species is messmate.
Concord Floors sanded and polished the existing hardwood floor in this Altona house in Lowe Ave. as part of the owners renovation project. Altona is only 20 minutes by car from Ravenhall where Concord Floors business premises is located so our tradesman love working in altona as it is very near to Concord Floors and their travelling time to a job is short.
showing a bedroom with charcoal colored carpet installed on it.
This new home in Altona on Queen street, was quoted for carpet and its installation, and subsequently concord floors supplied and laid the carpet.

The manager of Concord Floors is currently living in Altona and has been living here for many years, approximately 23 years. He lived could not help but become very well aquainted with Altona.

It would be only normal that he would want to conduct a floor coverings business in this area that is well known to him and where he lives.

Whilst driving around, to work, back home or to give quotes he notices new buildings being built. When he spots new buildings under construction, he stops and offers to the owners a free quote on any flooring material that they are interested in. And voile, he generates business in the Altona area. This is how Concord got the business to carpet the house in Queen st., Altona in the above photo.

Resulting from this is Concord Floors has been selling and installing residential, commercial carpet in all price ranges cheap or expensive, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, tiles, bamboo flooring and laminate and timber than anywhere else. Concord Floors has sold and installed hundreds of floor coverings jobs in the Altona area.

our clients found Concord Floors business ethics very attractive which are as follows

We have served many Altona builders by being their floor coverings contractor for their new homes, amongst others, First Avenue Homes and Hotondo homes. In addition we have served the real estate agents-Mancini Real Estate on Pier Street Altona and Raine and Sweenies Real Estate on Pier St Street Altona. Concord Floors is used by real estate agents during rental property carpet changeovers and other floor coverings changeovers.

The builders send their clients to us, or we would go and see their clients in their own homes where they were living, at a time convenient to them by way of a shop at home service

We continue to serve loyally the people of Altona. We save them money on floorcovering deals. They either come to us or we go to them. For a quote we are as close as your telephone. Just ring 0412 740 200 or 03 8560 6030.