In Williamstown Concord Floors trades in carpet, vinyl flooring, laminate and timber flooring

showing a bedroom which has its floor covered by a patterned carpet in a home in Melton which was installed by Concord Floors. The carpet and
 its color belong to a range of carpets which are available to the public to buy from Concord Floors. The carpet range is Kalisari and the carpet is for sale to the
In the trenddy suburb of Williamstown, property owners change their floorcoverings on a regular basis. Concord Floors has gained a share of this business as it is able to accommodate the wishes of the Williamstown property owners in regard to their choice of flooring materials and prices.
showing a dining room with the floor being floorboarded with the timber species -kempes.
To the house proud people of williamstown Concord Floors can offer an engineered hardwood floor that enhances the interior decor of a home. Williamstown is only 18 minutes by car from Derrimut, Concord Floors business premises so our tradesman love working in Williamstown as it is very near to Concord Floors and their travelling time to a job is short.

The manager of Concord Floors attended Williamstown High School as a teenager and remembers well singing the school hymn - Hold fast to what you learn here. With such fond memories it is only natural that he would direct the attention of Concord Floors to conduct business in Williamstown. Concord Floors has been conducting a floorcoverings business for over 35 years in selling and installing residential and commercial carpet in this area. The other floor coverings, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, timber flooring are a part and parcel of the floor coverings business that Concord Floors espoused as its business, and Concord Floors offered them for purchase to the people of Williamstown. Concord Floors is a complete floor coverings business, a one stop shop for the Williamstown populace.

The customers were attracted by the business stragedy of Concord Floors which is as follows.

The 5 key ingredients in a business deal are: value for money, quality of the merchandise, quality of service, quality of product advice and quality of after sales service. In these 5 key sales factors Concord Floors has excelled and it is these 5 key business factors that Concord Floors continuous to offer the people of Williamstown today. Concord Floors business mission is

Concord Floors has worked as key subcontractors for builders and building companies whose main building action can be anywhere in Melbourne but they themselves are located in Williamstown. One such client is Colin Drake lcated on the Strand, and Lyndale Homes located on Douglas Parade. They send their clients to Concord Floors, or Concord Floors goes to see their clients in their own homes where they were living, at a time convenient to them by way of a shop at home service.

Concord Floors services the needs of Real Estate agents involved in the rental property market. Such agents are Sweeneys Estate Agents located on I Douglas Pde and Gunn and Co located at 49 Ferguson St.

We continue to serve loyally the people of Williamstown. We save them money on floorcovering deals. They either come to Concord Floors or we go to them. For a quote Concord Floors is as close as telephone.

They have to ring 0412 740 200 or 03 8560 6030.

We are inviting customers use our premium shop at home service. In this service the customer gets to see a sample of the flooring material that they are contemplating buying, in the setting of their own home. 80% of the time the colour of the material they select in the shop is not the colour that they select in their home. Our customers in this way make better choices. This service is free. If you want to go through the show room, it is strictly by appointment only. Call us on 0412 740 200 and make a booking. Our premises are in the suburb: DERRIMUT, Melbourne.