In Melbourne Concord Floors trades in vinyl flooring, carpet, laminate and timber flooring

showing the floor in a dining room that has a green colored patterned axminister carpet installed on top of it. A hearth and fireplace abutts into the carpet area.
Concord Floors has installed in this residential home, in the Victoria Army Barracks located in the centre of Melbourne an axminister carpet. Here the interior decorater has applied interior decorating principles properly when it comes to colors and styles in a period home. Concord Floors has installed the carpet properly, applying patternmatching of the pattern on adjoining slab of carpet, tensioning the carpet, and fitting the naplock trims.
showing a Concord Floors vinyl layer installing commercial green sheet vinyl in a big room in a commercial property in Melboune Victoria 3000.
A Concord Floors vinyl layer installing commercial green sheet vinyl, in a big room, in a commercial property, in La Trobe Street Melboune Victoria 3000. Concord Floors has over 30 proffessioal vinyl layers on tap for large projects so that they can be done in a flash and properly.

Melbourne, Victoria 3000 is only 25 minutes by car from Concord Floors shop and warehouse in Derrimut. Indeed for Melbourne residents the immediate neigbouring suburb to it is the suburb of Derrimut and Concord Floors is the nearest store to the residents of Melbourne if they wish to have any repair work on any kind of floor coverings or buy or get a flooring quote for residential or commercial carpet in all price ranges cheap or expensive, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, vinyl plank flooring, vinyl hybrid flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring and timber flooring. Melbourne is 30 minutes by car from Concord Floors and the reason we say we are very close to Melbourne is because we are prepared to travel to Melbourne and perform work. Now in Melbourne parking is an issue so someone going to supply a quote to someone might incur a cost of $90.00 with no guarantee that he will get the job. Most saleman avoid going there for that reason. And if he does sell a job it will need to be laid and the layer might incur again a cost of $150.00 per day for parking. So tradesman don't want to go either for that reason. There are times a tradesman must carry his tools and materials for two street blocks to the place of work!

Arising out of this nearness of Melbourne to Derrimut and therefore to Concord Floors, Concord Floors has been selling and installing residential, commercial floor coverings in the Melbourne area.

Whilst doing business, our clients found Concord Floors business ethics very attractive which are as follows

We continue to serve loyally the people of Melbourne. We will continue to turn up despite the parking difficulties give them value for money on floorcovering deals. They either come to us or we go to them. For a quote we are as close as their telephone. All they have to do is ring 0412 740 200 or 03 8560 6030.