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showing a kitchen with tile flooring and kithen cabinets
have you decided to have a new flooring in your kitchen. Are the current tiles no longer satisfying you. Removing the tiles will leave you with the same floor level.
showing an enclosed room with 7 tile removalists jacking up floor tiles with jackhammer tileremovers.
tile removal in action!
showing a tiled floor where half of the tiles have been removed and the other half has exposed concrete floor with tile adhesive glued to it.
the glued tile adhesive left after tiles have been removed will be scraped off with the same tool used for removing the tiles.
a jack hammer trolley.
a jack hammer trolley onto which is mounted the jack hammer used for tile lifting of the floor.

Removing tiles from your kitchen or bathroom floor can allow you to create a whole new vibe in your home. You might have used up all of your love for cold tiles that you have down on your floor and have decided to renovate. Removing tiles has the added advantage you can repair any underlying flooring issues and keep your floor the same height. If you do not remove the tiles and install your new floorcovering on top of them your new floorcovering will be at a floor level height higher then they need be. This can create problems with your doors and dishwashers. Tile removal is done with the view of installing a new floorcovering and is the preliminary step to this goal.

At times there may be a subfloor underneath the tiles to remove as well. And then there might be other flooring that needs removal as well, due to flooding or your renovation project planning.

removing tile floor

As our customer we need you to explain to us what your renovation project entails so that we can structure our plan of action, to fit in and with your plans and not disrupt them.

Prior to our arrival to start the job it is your job to clear out the room any furniture to give us freedom of work movement.

On the start day we will bring in our equipment, specialised vacuums, jackhammers etc, and pullup the tiles.

If there is a subfloor to remove we will remove it.

Once your tiles have been removed, we clean your floor to the bare concrete leaving you with a smooth surface onto which you can install your new flooring.

We collect and dispose of the dust and rubbish, unless you wish to do this.

We do not repair plumbing and gas leaks or anything outside our scope of work.

tile removal cost

Removing tile can cost anywhere from $35.00/square metre to $70.00/square metre. There is a minimum project cost, such as $700 to come to your home and do the work and it does not matter about the smallness of the job. The price is determined by job location, the tile variety being removed and how hard they are stuck to the concrete floor. Central Business City work is very expensive due to the difficulty of parking for the tradesmen. In the outer suburbs the prices are lower where there is plenty of room for parking.

Disposal of rubbish- Renting a dumpster cost depends on the its size. In the Central Business City the cost goes up through the roof as finding a stop to accommodate the dumpmaster is near impossible.

The actual cost is done on a quote basis.